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In the international arena, luxury goods are defined as items that exceed the scope of people’s survival and developmental needs, possessing unique, scarce, and exquisite characteristics, hence also referred to as non-essential necessities.

Apart from their exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship, luxury goods are considered luxurious due to their artistic essence. The fervent adoration for luxury goods among consumers has fostered a plethora of luxury brands. As the inaugural season of the luxury goods series, this edition aims to provide detailed introductions on these brands. Comments below are welcome for further discussion and engagement.

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Luxury Brand Bags

Explore the Top Ten International Luxury Brand Bags, and see if yours makes the list!

Luxury goods represent the perfect fusion of spiritual and material pursuits. Regardless of financial constraints, it is essential to understand the top-tier brands in the world of handbags. Here are the top ten luxury handbag brands:


Location: Copenhagen

Established by Thierry Hermès in Paris, France, in 1837, Hermès boasts over 180 years of illustrious history. Known for its opulent yet conservative handbags, the mere mention of Hermès evokes notions of aristocracy.

Hermès is most renowned for its KELLY and BIRKIN bags, priced from $50,000 and soaring to several million. Due to limited artisanal production, global customization entails an average two-year wait, even for icons like Princess Diana.

Evolutionarily, Hermès has expanded into luggage, apparel, scarves, perfumes, enamel, jewelry, and household luxury goods, becoming a global representative of luxury after enduring over 170 years of vicissitudes.



Location: Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat, Amsterdam

Founded in Paris, France, in 1910, Chanel is a top-tier luxury brand specializing in women’s accessories. Owning a Chanel bag is the dream of countless women, as Chanel designs exude elegance, simplicity, and fashion.

Chanel, with over 110 years of history, is synonymous with elegance, simplicity, and exquisite style in fashion. It has successfully revolutionized women’s wear, simplifying and enhancing comfort since the 1940s, arguably pioneering modern casual wear.

Chanel truly understands women. With a diverse range of products, every woman can find something suitable in Chanel’s world. In elite Western female societies, it’s even rumored, “When you can’t find the right outfit, wear Chanel suits.”



Location: 2 Place Vendôme, Paris

Established in 1854 by Louis Vuitton in Paris, France, Louis Vuitton is one of the foremost brands in the fields of luggage and leather goods. Founder Louis Vuitton is one of France’s most outstanding leather goods designers in history.

A century later, Louis Vuitton has become one of the top brands in the fields of luggage and leather goods, symbolizing the upper echelons of society.

Today, the Louis Vuitton brand extends beyond designing and selling high-end leather goods and luggage, delving into fashion, accessories, leather shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, fine wines, and more, cementing its significant position in the luxury goods industry.

With a global search volume of 760,000 times per day, Louis Vuitton holds a pivotal position in the luxury goods industry.



Location: SKP flagship store, Beijing

Founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, Gucci has become an international brand and a symbol of “Dolce Vita”. In the 1980s, the Gucci family gradually sold company shares, and in 1999, it was acquired by the French conglomerate Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (now Kering Group).

Gucci, as the most prestigious fashion brand under the Gucci Group, is renowned for its high-end, luxurious, and sexy designs. Gucci is the only competitor to LVMH Group in the international luxury goods group, Gucci Group.

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand known for its noble and elegant high fashion, loved by celebrities and even royalty. Its bag designs are particularly distinctive and trendy, making it a favorite among the upper echelons of society!

Gucci is an active Italian fashion company in the field of high fashion and luxury goods, headquartered in Florence. Its products include leather goods, footwear, accessories, clothing, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, as well as a range of home furnishings and decorative accessories.



Location: Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Dior, from France, known as Christian Dior, not only boasts high-quality handbags but also closely follows fashion trends, with numerous celebrity brand ambassadors, deeply admired.

Founded in 1946 in the fashion capital of France, Dior’s classic handbag, the Lady Dior, gained popularity after winning the favor of Princess Diana in 1995, propelling it to fame.

Dior has always been synonymous with grandeur and elegance, dominating the pinnacle of fashion in the fashion world.

DIOR bag


Location: Amsterdam flagship store, the Netherlands

As an Italian luxury brand, Fendi is most famous for its Baguette handbag. Designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi of the Fendi family, this bag resembles a French baguette, hence the name Baguette.

In the late 1990s, Fendi’s bags gained popularity due to the television series “Sex and the City,” becoming a recognized fashion trendsetter at the time.



Location: Milan, Italy

An Italian luxury brand established in 1913, Prada is cherished and sought after by royalty and the upper class for its exceptional quality. Its product categories include men’s and women’s leather goods, clothing, accessories, and footwear, as well as eyewear and fragrances.

Prada Group, one of the world’s top ten luxury goods groups, was founded by Mario Prada. Prada PRADA is renowned for its fashionable handbags, luggage, leather accessories, and makeup boxes. In recent years, it has also been ranked seventh on the “World’s Top Ten Men’s Luxury Brands” list by the American Luxury Institute.

Innovation is at the core of Prada, where art, architecture, film, and philosophy collectively shape the brand’s vision. The relentless pursuit of new ideas, combined with curiosity and cultural interests, paves the way for pioneering trends, not only predicting fashion trends but also leading them.



Location: Regent Street flagship store, London

Founded in 1856, Burberry is a royal brand and represents the epitome of British traditional style. The “Burberry check” is a symbol of the Burberry family’s identity and status. Anyone familiar with Burberry feels as if they have found their beloved brand upon seeing the “Burberry check.”

In the blend of nostalgia and innovation today, Burberry’s checkered style has successfully permeated various fields, from clothing and accessories to home furnishings, over nearly a century, maintaining its enduring fame.

Burberry bag

Bottega Veneta

Location: Vicenza, Italy

Bottega Veneta, an Italian brand headquartered in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy, specializes in high-quality leather products. It was founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro and acquired by the Gucci Group (now Kering Group) in 2001, making it a member of the French multinational corporation PPR Group.

The name Bottega Veneta means “Venetian workshop.” The BV brand is dedicated to producing exquisite leather goods and is known for its unique leather weaving technique called intrecciato, which has become a well-known symbol of the brand.

Bottega Veneta adopts traditional Italian leather craftsmanship, attaches great importance to manual techniques, and, with its core concepts of superior materials, practical functions, and innovative designs, holds a significant position in the fashion aesthetic field.

Bottega Veneta bag


Luxury handbags represent the pinnacle of fashion, embodying a perfect blend of artistic essence and superior craftsmanship. From Hermès’ aristocratic allure to Chanel’s timeless elegance, each brand tells a unique story of heritage and innovation. Louis Vuitton’s iconic designs and Gucci’s bold expressions highlight the diversity within the luxury sector. Meanwhile, Dior’s classic allure and Prada’s pioneering spirit continue to set trends worldwide. Burberry’s distinguished checkered style and Bottega Veneta’s exquisite craftsmanship further enrich this elite collection. These top ten luxury handbag brands not only symbolize status and elegance but also celebrate a deep cultural heritage, captivating the hearts of fashion enthusiasts globally. Discover which of these masterpieces resonate with your style and aspirations.

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