Changing Tides: ASOS Losing Ground as SHEIN and Amazon Gain Momentum

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ASOS, a British online fast fashion and beauty retailer founded in London in 2000, has catered primarily to a youthful demographic, offering over 850 brands and its own label collections. However, according to Similarweb data, ASOS’s dominance in the bridal category is gradually waning, potentially impacting ancillary accessories such as women’s handbags.


In contrast, SHEIN and Amazon are experiencing an uptick in search traffic share, driven by their competitive pricing strategies for apparel and formal wear, indicative of consumers’ growing preference for value-driven products. This trend may extend to accessories like women’s handbags.

While ASOS sees a slight decline in search traffic in this category, coupled with the recent surge in consumer demand, other clothing brands have the opportunity to enter the bridalwear sector and capture market share before the seasonal peak in May. Across mobile and desktop traffic, in March 2024, platforms like Nordstrom, Anthropologie, ASOS, Abercrombie, and Amazon saw a 23% overall increase in search traffic for wedding guest attire, with ASOS experiencing a 42% decline in comparison.

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