Temu: Redefining Retail Landscape

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In just over a year, Temu has emerged as a prominent topic in the Western market, capturing 17% of the retail market share in the United States. With a user base exceeding 250 million, over half of which originate from the United States, Temu ranks second among the most popular shopping apps in the U.S., surpassing Amazon, Target, and Walmart to claim the top spot on the App Store shopping app rankings. The rise in Temu’s market share has directly impacted the performance of other traditional retail players in the U.S., leading to closures of 371 stores by 99 Cents Only Stores and nearly 1,000 Family Dollar stores by Dollar Tree.

Despite posing a threat to its competitors, Temu’s rapid growth underscores the adage that competition drives growth. In response to Temu’s competition, Amazon is accelerating efforts to reduce delivery times and expanding its policy of discounted apparel commissions to other international sites. Target and Walmart are also upgrading warehouse facilities to improve delivery speeds. Other platforms are updating or introducing new services to attract users, such as eBay’s update of its feedback rating system and Newegg’s launch of the free membership program, Newegg+.

Overall, Temu continues to enhance its service offerings, having opened its market to U.S. warehouses last year and recently launching two new sites in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, the number of sellers on Temu Marketplace has surpassed 5,000.

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